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Remixing of your soul

An old song suddenly starts to sound very appealing and cool when the beats of the same are changed and mixed again. Moms same old saree starts to look very smart when we match it with a new age crop top! Cool isn’t it? Remixing does not bring about radical changes in the actual being of anything but it makes it more appealing. The same old thing starts to appeal and we fall in love with them all over again!

So the process is pretty simple , with time few things don’t fit us, few things fade in color and few things we no more need so we need to replace them. We replace them with bright new colors, bigger/smaller sizes and with things that we want. We can’t walk a long distance if we keep on walking with the baggage of the things we no longer need.Same is with memories and emotions, we need to keep on mixing and remixing them until our soul starts to sing happy songs from within.

We at health cafe assist you remix your favorite tune of life, HAPPY Life! Its been well said that the giving and receiving of love energizes and expands your inner self, so start loving yourself and compose your own song.  We provide all the ingredients for meaningful melodies of healthy, happy mind.