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Gratitude circuit

“There is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”

We all want to achieve more and more in life, but in the quest of achieving more do we take out time and be thankful for the things and the love we have received from the universe ? If you think you are grateful for something and have not got a chance to express that, the right place is where you are and the right time is now !

We wish to create a never ending gratitude circuit where we want to flow the current of gratitude in such a way that it is felt by everyone who comes in contact. We at Health cafe help you strengthen your “Gratitude Circuit” that can heal your life. the ultimate goal is to harmonize mind,body and soul for super happy life. Lets realize the purpose of life, meditate on mission and enjoy the joy of giving. Lets be GRATEFUL in life, that can eliminate many physical ailments.