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Emotional SPA

We all take care if our external bodies. We book our Spa appointments to relax and rejuvenate. The gentle massage, aromatic oil and the me time we get to relax. Same way to maintain the quality and nourish our hair we go for hair spa separately whenever we feel there is a need to.
How about giving yourself an emotional spa?? Here with an emotional spa we intend to shower you with happiness and positivity along with helping you in healing those emotional wounds which are never seen but cause a lot if pain. Here the massage is of positivity , the oils used are happiness tips , the scrub to remove the dead skin is the words from the therapist to give you what you need and in the end we shower you with positive affirmation!

You might be wondering that what do we exactly offer at health cafe!

** Each therapy offered here has been devices by Evidence based practice and is suggested as a parallel therapy ( Adjuvant therapy) for a healthy and happy life.