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Emotional insurance

When we buy a new car or any other precious thing we take an insurance for the same. So that even if god forbid but some thing goes wrong we have a backup plan , somewhere to go and approach for reimbursement! The house we live in , the office we work at, the vehicle in which we travel, our precious belongings even for our life, which we know will end one day naturally. We take insurance to be safe. We pay premium at regular intervals to get the returns in the time of need.

But have you ever thought of doing it with your emotions? Like every single day, each moment we experience multiple emotions or feelings. Have you thought of putting in one smile per day in the locker so that you can take it out when you need? Lets think about “Relationship Banking” with positive balance wherein mutually we can create and renew safe deposits with higher rate of affection and love for emotional and physical well-being.

We are emotionally attached to so many people. We have always in our society quoted women to be more emotional then men but actually it is not so. It’s just that the society we live in is conditioned in such a way mentally that women can express their emotions even by crying sometimes, but we do not accept men doing the same. Even when a small boy will cry someone will comment “don’t cry like a girl” , do we have any idea what impact will this have in the little child’s mind ?

So here at health cafe we want to collectively have this blissful feeling of being emotionally insured. How good it will be if all the premium paid by us and the investments made by us in terms of time, money, feelings and energy are in safe hands. They will not go in vain and whenever they will return back, it will be doubled with interest.